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Smart Contract Development Services

Change how your business works with our smart contract development services for private, public and hybrid blockchains. Our smart contract services help businesses automate their operations, streamline workflow and lower the cost of key processes by using our deep knowledge of different smart contract programming languages and tech stacks.

best smart contract development company
smart contract development services

Smart Contracts Are the Future

Smart contracts are self-executing and self-enforcing protocols governed by clear terms and conditions. They could change how agreements are made in many fields, including real estate, supply chain, banking, manufacturing, healthcare and more.

Digi195 is the leader in Blockchain-based product development companies. We offer smart contract development services that has been in the industry for a long time and has a lot of experience making smart contracts that fit perfectly with different industries and business models. With the help of our expert smart contract developers, we know what effort it takes to make a great computer-based protocol for automating business agreements.

Why do you need a Smart Contract for your business?

Smart contracts automate business operations for incredible efficiency and cost savings.

Real-time execution
Real-time execution

Once the conditions are met, smart contracts are carried out simultaneously on all of the computers involved.


Everyone in the blockchain network can see the information in the contract which makes it easier for people to trust each other.


The distributed ledger can't be broken into and can't be changed, which improves the security paradigm.


Automate record-keeping, storage and retrieval to get rid of human mistakes.

Saving Money
Saving money

When operations are automated, it reduces risks and costs.

Use Cases of Smart Contract

Smart contracts' self-executing nature makes them a powerful tool for various applications across multiple industries. Digi195 has served a global clientele from various industry verticals as a trusted, blockchain-based product development company for the past few years.

Finance and Banking

We offer Defi smart contract development services to financial institutions to improve data accuracy, reduce paperwork, strengthen security and facilitate faster transaction processing.

Real Estate

We provide robust smart contract development solutions to real estate businesses to help them seamlessly streamline their management operations and enable transparency in the sales processes.

Transport and Logistics

Smart contracts in the transport and logistics industry enable businesses to track product flow in granular detail, automate consumer and B2B payments and gain real-time visibility across the supply chain.


The use of smart contracts in the healthcare sector enables businesses to automate data sharing between hospitals and medical care centers, enables convenient medical claim verification and streamlines healthcare operations.


In the insurance industry, processing and paying insurance claims have a lengthy processing time. Businesses can efficiently perform error checking and manage payout calculations based on claim-related information stored in smart contracts.

Entertainment and Media

Digi195 empowers the media and entertainment industries by offering smart contract solutions that enable the automatic execution of micropayments between the consumer and the creator, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

Smart Contract Development Solutions Process

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    Requirement Analysis

    We first comprehend your business requirements. Then we choose business logic and prepare a roadmap for your smart contract.

  • Technical Design Creation

    We prepare a document defining the smart contract with the inclusion of a data flow diagram and technical architecture.

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    We implement the smart contract solution at this stage and seek client evaluation and feedback.

  • Deployment and Testing

    We then deploy the smart contract on the testnet. On its successful execution, we deploy a smart contract on the main network.


Why Are we the best partner for you as Smart Contract development Solutions in India?

Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

We exclusively work in blockchain tech and have a proven track record of satisfied clients.

Team of Enthusiasts

Team of Enthusiasts

We have a team of blockchain enthusiasts who will help you refine your offerings and suggest the best tech approach.

Time-bound delivery

Time-bound delivery

We deliver the products in a predetermined stipulated timeframe suitable for your target audience.



We provide support even after the product launch, focusing on your growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a smart contract?

A smart contract is a computer program that manages the transfer of assets or digital currencies between parties when certain conditions are met. It not only defines the rules of an agreement, but it also automatically enforces the obligations.

For example, smart contracts can automatically transfer property ownership to the new owner when money is sent to the seller's account.

Why are Smart contracts becoming more popular than traditional contracts?

Most traditional contracts have more than one party, one lawyer, and more than one round of negotiations. The result of the talks is a lengthy document that different people must sign.

People had to keep paper copies of agreements in file cabinets before smart contracts came along. Smart contracts are called "smart" because they have solutions that come from technology. Smart contracts are agreements that, like traditional contracts, carry out specific actions based on performance without needing a trusted party.

Smart contracts are safe as they are backed by blockchain tech. This feature means there is no need for a third party to build trust.

How do smart contracts work?

Let's say that X is interested in buying Y's house. Using a smart contract, the agreement to buy a home is made on the blockchain platform.

A deal between X and Y makes up the smart contract. The contract could say, "When X pays Y 30ETH, X will own the house."

Once the smart contract is written, no one can change the terms and conditions. So X feels safe giving Y ETH for the house.

Without smart contracts, X and Y would have to pay extra fees to third-party companies, lawyers, house brokers, and banks. You would no longer have to pay commissions and wait for a broker and a lawyer to handle your request.

With blockchain technology, this is now possible. Smart contracts can be set up so that they don't have to be handled by a central authority.

What is the cost involved in Smart Contract development?

The estimated cost for smart contract development is determined by the following factors:

The cost charged by a Blockchain platform is further determined by factors such as gas fees, contract storage, contract creation, and contract execution.

The fee charged by a smart contract development company- the size of the team, determines the cost of project management, the tools and technologies used, and the maintenance services.

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